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We’re Quality Laundry Provider in Delhi

Committed To Delivering High Quality Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services And Iron Clothes!

  • Quality cleaning system
  • Deliver always on time
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cleaning is our first priority
  • Highly professional staff
  • Professional and qualified

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2 Knocks on the door
Free Pick up & Delivery at your home

Special Attention

Each item is carefully inspected for stains and irregularities.

Step 01

We reach the often-ignored places

Small holes, lose hems and minor alterations, on request.

Step 02

Love the bad side

Delicate expert attention to individual stains with proprietary products.

Step 03

Garment intimacy

Customized and tailor-made machine cleaning by trained professional.

Step 04

Steamy hand job

Manually, on a pneumatic board, for the finest results.

Step 05

One at a time

Final quality check for the perfect fininsh.

Step 06

The Finale

Individually packed, on hangers or folded as per your preference.

Step 07


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